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Treating A Broken Femur After A Car Accident: What Are The Options?

The femur, known as the largest and strongest bone in the human body, showcases the resilience of our skeletal structure. However, even this bone can fracture under the severe force of a car accident. Broken bones are incredibly serious, and seeking legal assistance is crucial in its aftermath. For those who have experienced this devastating trauma, understanding the available medical and legal options is of utmost importance. Our attorneys at Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd., are committed to helping you seek your entitled compensation. Call right away if you were injured in a car accident.

Understanding the Severity of Femur Fractures

Fractures in the femur, which can occur during high-impact events like car accidents, can have significant consequences. Not only does the initial injury present a challenge, but the long-term effects can also be profound. It is important to prioritize both the medical recovery process and explore available legal options to effectively address all aspects of such cases. By taking a comprehensive approach, we ensure that necessary steps are taken to support the individual’s well-being and pursue appropriate compensation.

Medical Treatments for a Broken Femur Post-Accident

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

In cases where the femur has been broken, open reduction and internal fixation surgery frequently become the recommended course of action. This procedure involves the re-alignment of bones and the insertion of metal hardware to stabilize the fracture. Such intervention is reserved for situations where bones are severely misaligned, fragmented, or have pierced the skin.

Post-surgical recovery from ORIF may involve symptoms such as pain at the fracture site, potential infections, nerve and muscle damage, and the risk of arthritis. Furthermore, considerations must be made for the financial implications of surgery and subsequent care, including the likelihood of future medical needs related to the injury.

The Impacts of ORIF Surgery

After ORIF surgery, the patient may face significant physical issues that keep them from returning to work or normal life. 

  • You might experience discomfort localized around the fracture and around the metallic components like rods and screws implanted in your bone structure. 
  • There’s a risk of developing infections. 
  • Potential damage to nerves and muscles. 
  • The prospect of future arthritis. 
  • Expect additional medical expenditures for post-surgery care. 
  • The fracture might not heal as anticipated, necessitating a repeat ORIF procedure to amend and/or place more metal components to rectify the fracture. 

Considering the long-term impacts of ORIF surgery, it’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to seek appropriate damages for your suffering.

Legal Support in Your Time of Need

In addition to physical recovery, it’s essential to consider the legal aspects tied to the injury. Seeking comprehensive legal representation is crucial to secure compensation that reflects the full extent of the suffering, medical costs, and other economic damages. Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd. is here to provide relentless advocacy and ensure that your rights are upheld. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to serving the community, challenging opposition, and pursuing your rightful compensation.

If you’re facing the aftermath of a car accident resulting in femur fractures, our attorneys are ready to guide you through these challenging times. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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