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Work Machinery & Equipment Accidents

Many companies in Northern Illinois rely heavily on machinery and other types of very complex industrial equipment. Beyond being essential to getting the job done, industrial machinery and equipment can also be incredibly dangerous. Employers owe it to their employees to emphasize health and safety in the workplace, ensuring that these machines are always working properly.
Unfortunately, Illinois companies do not always live up to that basic responsibility. The United States Department of Labor (DOL) reports that nearly 120,000 Illinois workers are injured on the job every year, with many of those injuries occurring due to machinery or equipment accidents. At Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd., our top-rated Rockford workers’ compensation attorneys fight for the legal rights of injured workers.

Common Work Machinery or Equipment Injuries

Industrial machinery and equipment accidents can lead to many different types of injuries. While each of these cases is unique, they do tend to share some common characteristics. Specifically, most machinery accidents involve some form of negligence. Whether it is the company undertraining its workers, failing to conduct proper maintenance on the machinery, or failing to put effective safety protocols in place, very few accidents are truly unpreventable. When machinery or equipment accidents do occur, the consequences can be truly devastating. Common injuries include:

Injured Workers Deserve Full and Fair Benefits

Most Illinois employees are covered by state workers’ compensation law. As such, machinery and equipment accident victims will typically need to bring a workers’ compensation claim to seek their benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are extremely important, as they can help to pay for all of an injured Rockford worker’s necessary medical expenses as well as for income replacement, should an injury prevent a person from being able to return to the job. Additionally, industrial machinery accident victims may also have a legal claim against a third party. For instance, if you were injured because the machine itself was defective in some manner, the manufacturer of that machine can and should be held legally liable for your damages.

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