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Matthew K. Krueger
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Fatal Chicago Crash Leaves Two Dead, Four More Injured

Auto accidents are often serious and many times fatal, especially when they involve excessive speeding or dangerous or reckless driving. When someone decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and makes the choice to break the law and drive in an unsafe manner then he or she could very likely cause a serious or fatal accident. That also means that he or she could be held accountable for any injuries or fatalities, even he or she is also killed.

Authorities are still investigating whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role in a fatal crash that recently took the lives of two teenagers in East Chicago. According to reports, one of the victims was the driver of the vehicle, who was an 18-year-old man from East Chicago, while the other victim was a 17-year-old teenage boy from Gary. Investigators says that excessive speed did play a role in the crash, as the accident reconstruction team determined that the vehicle was likely traveling at a speed of at least 90 mph at the time of the accident.

According to reports, the vehicle was carrying four other passengers when the crash occurred. Three of the other passengers, a 16-year-old male and two 19-year-old females, all had to be extricated from the vehicle and taken to a local hospital for serious injuries. Their condition was not known at the time of this report. The remaining passenger, a 17-year-old male did not appear to be seriously hurt and was not taken to the hospital. However, it was reported that he did later seek medical attention for an unspecified leg injury a short time later. According to officials, the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a pole, turned onto its side and then hit another pole, which then landed on the passengers.

This is a terribly unfortunate accident for everyone involved. However, it appears that the driver was acting recklessly when the accident occurred and that he is responsible for the crash. That means all of the victims could pursue either personal injury claims or lawsuits, or in the case of the passenger who died his family could speak with a personal injury lawyer and file a wrongful death suit. At the law office of Brassfield & Krueger in Rockford we handle these kinds of cases every day. We understand the sensitive nature of these situations and we know that the victims and their families just want to focus on recovering and healing. That’s why we take care of all the legal matters for you. Please contact us today if you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in an accident. Click here to contact us online or call us at 815-315-9845.

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