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David J. Brassfield
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Racing Could Have Played Role in Crash that Injured Four

A lot of drivers, especially younger males, enjoy driving fast. Speeding and even street racing are often glamorized in movies and television, which only adds to the appeal of racing. However, racing can be a very serious matter and often it leads to some horrible consequences. When people make the conscientious choice to race they put everyone else on the road they encounter in danger. That’s why anyone who makes this kind of choice and ends up causing a serious accident should be held liable for his or her decision.

A serious accident that recently occurred in Chicago may have been caused by racing. Authorities are investigating whether or not the driver of an SUV who allegedly caused the accident was actually participating in a race when he ran a red a light and slammed into another vehicle. According to reports, the driver and the three passengers who were riding in the vehicle that was hit were all hurt. All four people were taken to the hospital, including two who were thrown from the car and were in serious condition.

Investigators say that the vehicle in question ran a light at high speed and then slammed into the other vehicle, as well as hitting a light pole and a tree before finally coming to a stop. Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the crash and witnesses said that another car appeared to be racing as well, but it reportedly sped off. While all the details still need to be determined, if officials eventually charge the driver of the SUV with a crime, or multiple crimes, then he could be ordered to pay restitution to the people who were injured.

This is obviously a serious matter for those who were hurt. They could end up being affected for many months and years depending on how bad their injuries end up being. If this man was racing then he should be held accountable for his actions, which means the people who were hurt might want to press charges. If you have been the victim in an accident due to someone else’s negligent behavior then you might be eligible to receive damages for your injuries and suffering. That’s why you should contact the law office of Brassfield & Krueger in Rockford for experienced help in motor vehicle accidents. Call us today at 813-315-9845 or click here.

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