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Can I Sue Someone for Causing My Injuries if They Have Already Died?

Many serious motor vehicle or other types of accidents can lead to severe injuries or even death. While in many instances the person(s) who is killed is an innocent victim in the crash, sometimes the person who caused the crash also dies. So what happens if you have been seriously…

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Streator, IL Personal Injury Attorney Explains How to Choose a Lawyer After an Accident

The sound of smashing metal is still ringing in your ears and you can see the accident happening over and over again in your mind. Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating, both physically, emotionally, mentally and many times financially, if your injuries are serious enough. Of course, when you have…

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Streator, IL Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Serious Injuries From Car Crash

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries in America. While some accidents occur because of unfortunate circumstances that are out of people’s control, many other crashes occur because someone has acted negligently. There are many reasons people cause accidents, whether they are drinking, or texting,…

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