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When Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

The seriousness of car accidents ranges from minor fender benders in parking lots to severe accidents that leave victims with catastrophic injuries for years to come. In some instances, it may be obvious that you need a car accident lawyer, but there are other times when the signs are much more subtle. If you have been in a car accident and are unsure of how to proceed, below are just a few ways to determine if you need a lawyer.

You Sustained Serious Injuries

It is relatively easy to secure compensation from the insurance company if the parties involved were not injured and the crash involved only minimal property damage. However, if you have sustained a serious injury that will affect your ability to work and that will incur high medical bills, the insurance company will be much more reluctant to pay out on a fair claim. A car accident lawyer will negotiate with them and help you secure the full settlement you deserve.

Multiple Parties Were Involved

To secure full damages for the accident, you must determine which party was liable. This is difficult to do when a crash involves only two vehicles, but when multiple parties are involved, it becomes even more challenging. A lawyer will conduct an investigation to determine what happened, and which party is at fault.

You are Being Blamed for the Accident

One of the most common defenses used in car accident cases is that the victim contributed to the crash, at least partly. If the negligent party is successful with this defense, it will reduce any damages you awarded, under Illinois’ modified comparative fault law. If you are found 51% or more at fault, you will forfeit all claims to damages. A lawyer will refute these claims of the defense so you recover the full amount of damages you deserve.

You Have Sustained Economic Damages

Economic damages, such as medical expenses and lost income, are quite obvious after an accident. However, if you have sustained economic damages, you have also likely sustained non-economic damages. Non-economic damages do not have a dollar value but include losses such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. A lawyer will fully evaluate all of your losses to accurately value your claim.

The Insurance Company is Refuting Your Claims

Insurance companies are a big business, and they are much more interested in retaining their profits than paying out on large car accident claims. The adjuster will use many tactics when attempting to reduce, delay, or deny your claim. When this happens and the insurer is uncooperative, or has offered a very low settlement, call a lawyer to negotiate with them effectively.

Call Our Illinois Car Accident Lawyers Today

If you have been involved in a car accident and any of the above scenarios apply, call our Streator car accident lawyers today. At Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd., we know how to fairly value your claim and hold negligent parties accountable for paying the maximum damages you deserve. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free case review with one of our experienced attorneys.

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