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While you are sitting in the emergency room, waiting to be seen for the injuries you sustained in the truck accident, the company the truck driver works for is on the phone with their lawyer, already discussing the potential of your claim. Truck accidents often result in debilitating injuries, especially for the victims who were driving or riding in a much smaller passenger vehicle. Trucking companies and their insurance agents know this, and they are often several steps ahead of you, trying to fabricate how to dodge liability.

The attorneys at Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd. have been fighting for the victims of truck accidents for over seven decades. If you have been injured in an Ottawa truck accident, you have to act fast. You are already several steps behind the negligent truck driver who caused your injuries. Pick up the phone and call an experienced Ottawa truck accident lawyer now at (815) 398-9700.

Illinois “Fault” Insurance Laws  

In Illinois, a driver who is found to be legally at fault for the truck accident is supposed to be financially responsible for other drivers and passengers who sustained property damage injuries in the collision. Typically, the insurance company of the driver who is found at fault will compensate the individuals who were injured or pay for vehicle damage, sometimes directly and other times, indirectly. However, you cannot expect to automatically be paid for all of your damages and injuries.

Realize that obtaining the compensation you deserve most likely will not be as easy as filing a claim with the truck driver’s insurance company. Often, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying the full extent of the damages and injuries that were sustained. Without an aggressive Ottawa truck accident attorney on your side, the insurance company will downplay your injuries and submit lowball figures in their settlement offers to you.

Our attorneys can help you:

  • Pursue your auto accident claim with the truck driver’s employer’s insurance company
  • Pursue an auto insurance claim with your own insurance company – who will then file a subrogation claim with the driver’s insurance company
  • File personal injury lawsuits against any parties that can be held liable for your damage and injuries

Protecting Our Clients’ Financial Interests

We understand that you are probably worried about how much time you have already been off of work due to your injuries. Your bills are piling up and you are wondering how you are going to pay them. You need to be able to focus on recuperating and taking care of your family, not battling against insurance companies.  

You need help now.

Our Ottawa truck accident lawyers do everything we can to protect our clients’ financial interests. We have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and recovering every penny our clients are entitled to. Call Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd. to get the ball rolling in the right direction today at (815) 398-9700.

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