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McHenry County Car Accidents Lawyer

Most people only get into a couple of car accidents in their entire lives. Most of these accidents are minor fender benders, and no one ends up in the hospital. However, some folks are severely injured in car accidents. For them, the stakes are considerably higher than collecting an insurance check to repair the damage.

Those who suffer serious injuries in a car accident will likely need multiple surgeries to repair the damage and will need an extended recovery period before they can return to work. For them, getting an insurance payment to recover medical expenses and lost wages on top of their pain and suffering damages is of vital importance. Bills may be piling up with no income. You need a personal injury lawyer by your side to help handle serious car accident claims. 


What Happens After a Serious Car Accident?

Injured parties will be taken to the hospital first. Police will gather evidence while you are being attended to. It is important to understand that the police want to clear the accident scene foremost, attend to the injured, and ensure that traffic flows as normal. They will get witness statements, take pictures, and determine the cause of the accident, but issuing a ruling on who was at fault is not their top concern. Hence, police reports are not the final word on accidents. That being said, a determination of fault is important to resolve the legal issues.

If you are injured, and the other party was at fault, the insurance company that you are filing your claim with has a duty of care to defend their policyholder from the allegations. Further, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to reduce the settlement award as much as possible. Insurance companies rarely make fair offers the first time around. Having a personal injury lawyer work on your claim ensures that you are fairly compensated for all of your damages.


Dealing With Insurance Companies

As stated above, insurance companies have no incentive to offer you a fair settlement. They will compensate you as little as possible and often get away with it because people want their money quickly. However, the only way to ensure that you are fairly compensated is to have a lawyer litigate the claim with the insurer. The stakes are quite high when you have suffered a serious injury, and you will only have one chance to settle the claim. It is important to maximize your recovery and be certain you are on solid footing when your recovery is complete.


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