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Category: Slip And Fall
Is Walmart Responsible in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?
Walmart gets sued a lot. Most of these lawsuits are premises liability claims that allege that a dangerous condition in the store caused an individual to slip and fall. The question then becomes: When is Walmart liable and when are they not? Must of this question boils down to the circumstances under which the ...
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Published December 25, 2018
What Injuries Constitute Disfigurement?
Some personal injury accidents result in such severe injuries that they are categorized as catastrophic. One such type of injury is any that result in disfigurement. The courts treat cases involving disfigurement much more delicately than other types of personal injury cases and, if the plaintiff can prove liability, ...
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What to do After a Slip and Fall
Illinois law requires that people and businesses take care to protect their visitors. According to 740 ILCS 130/2, premises owners and occupiers must exercise “reasonable” care, which is determined by the circumstances. In certain situations, owners and occupiers must fix hazards known to them or warn visitors of ...
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Published September 4, 2018
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