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The Benefits of an Automobile Accident Attorney

It is highly advisable that you hire an auto accident attorney in Rockford if you are injured in a car accident because of the negligence of another party.  Although you are legally permitted to represent yourself, having an experienced automobile accident attorney in Rockford on your side gives you the best chance of getting adequate compensation from the insurance company or, if necessary, winning in court.

At Brassfield, Krueger & Ramlow, Ltd., our car accident attorneys in Rockford make sure you receive the legal advice you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.  Some of the benefits of hiring a Rockford auto accident attorney include:

  • Auto accident attorneys in Rockford know the law.  A competent lawyer knows personal injury law inside and out.  He can look at your case and give you a better idea as to whether or not you are eligible to receive compensation.  A car accident attorney in Rockford is also knowledgeable in insurance law and how it pertains to your situation.
  • Rockford car accident attorneys research, investigate and gather the facts necessary to make a successful claim. They can help prove your accident was the result of a negligent party.  They collect witness statements, photographs, medical records, and all of the other documents that can help you win your case.
  • Rockford auto accident attorneys can effectively negotiate with the insurance companies.  It is always unwise to try and negotiate with an insurance company on your own.  Their bottom line is to save money, not give you the compensation you deserve.  An experienced car accident attorney in Rockford fights on your behalf so that you are awarded the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.
  • Brassfield, Krueger & Ramlow, Ltd automobile accident attorneys in Rockford work on a contingency fee basis.  You do not have to pay any lawyer fees unless you are awarded monetary compensation for your injuries.

Contact Brassfield Krueger & Ramlow car accident lawyers in Rockford

If you are injured in a car accident, contact Brassfield Krueger & Ramlow Ltd. to schedule a free consultation.  Our skilled attorneys can fully investigate the details of your case and protect you against insurance companies whose bottom line is to save money.

Having an experienced car accident lawyer in Rockford fighting on your side can be essential to winning your case.

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