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Serious Rockford Crash Causes Lane Closures

A recent WIFR 23 News report states that a police car chase resulted in a serious car accident at the intersection of Church and Chestnut streets. Winnebago County Sheriff Deputies were in hot pursuit of a fleeing vehicle in the late evening when the driver ran a red light and crashed into another car. According to investigators, the suspect’s vehicle caught on fire shortly after the collision. Two victims were transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being taken out of the suspect’s car by deputies.

Car Crash Statistic

Auto accidents reported in 2013 by the state of Illinois’ Department of Transportation (DOT) totaled 285,477. Cook County, the most populated county in the state, alone experienced 131,400 auto accidents. Eight hundred and ninety-five of the total auto accidents resulted in fatalities. Additionally, approximately 61,001 injuries were reported in 2013 from Cook County auto accidents. In fact, an average of roughly 751 crashes occurred every day in 2013. DOT statistics note that every day in 2013 an average of two people were involved in a fatal auto accident and died.

Common Causes

Many drivers who travel on American roads are distracted in today’s society. Although an increase in the use of seatbelts, back-up cameras, and other safety devices over the years may help lessen accidents, there is no substitute for a driver that is focused. All drivers should note that when you are on the road, the lives of others are just as much at stake as is yours.

Studies show that the common causes of car accidents include: speeding; reckless driving; drunk driving; failure to yield or stop; bad weather conditions; distracted driving, such as texting, making phone calls, putting on makeup, or eating, to name a few; as well night driving, among others.

Contact an Illinois Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accident cases can be complex. Sometimes establishing fault, as well as assessing personal and property damages, may not always be so simple to show. If you or someone you love has been injured in an Illinois auto accident, it is important to contact an experienced Rockford auto accident attorney immediately. The loved ones and the victim of a car accident should focus on recuperation – not on the complicated legalities of a personal injury case. The lawyers at Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd have experience providing legal guidance to clients across Illinois. To speak with an attorney, contact (815) 398-9700 today.

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