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Thank You

I can’t thank this firm enough for vicariously helping me with the adjustment of my settlement check with Medicare! I was not legally represented by David Brassfield and he was the opposing lawyer on my case but I chose to settle my case with his firm! However I had numerous issues with the settlement check having a lien on it for Medicare payments! Mr. Brassfield was kind enough to go above and beyond to assist me with referring me to his paralegal Ammanda W. To help me with correcting the Medicare amounts! I can’t thank her enough for her diligent work and efforts with contacting Medicare and correcting the inaccurate claims! I appreciate their generous efforts and it’s nice to know that there are still honest, caring and genuine law firms out there like David Brassfield! Thanks again Ammanda W. and David Brassfield for showing that I cared considering I wasn’t even your client!

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