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Last summer, I lost my dad in a motorcycle accident. It was pretty clear from the beginning that it was the other driver’s fault. But, as you can imagine, I was overwhelmed. I knew I should hire a lawyer to take care of handling the other guy’s insurance company. I put off finding a lawyer for a month or so because I was in an information overload stage. I shouldn’t have waited. David Brassfield handled my wrongful death case against the other driver’s insurance company and I could not have picked a better lawyer to represent me. Brassfield knew what he was doing and he also put everything in terms that I could understand, which is so important for someone going through something that’s already overwhelming. He took all the pressure off of me and updated me regularly about new reports or correspondence. I went into this thinking it could take years, and maybe with another lawyer it would have. But not with Brassfield. He worked diligently to work out a settlement and it took far less time than I thought it would to reach one that I am happy with. Brassfield made sure I understood every direction we could go with the case as well. He also cared that I lost my father and regularly made sure I was doing OK. That’s the kind of person you want to represent you. If you’re looking for someone to handle a wrongful death case, I highly recommend Brassfield and Krueger.

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