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Positive Excellent Results!!!!

Positive! Excellent Results! Very Professional!

I’ve never been injured until I was in a serious car accident about six months ago. I didn’t know any attorneys so my husband did the research and we ended up hiring Dave Brassfield. Wow, we are so glad we did. Dave made me feel at ease from the moment we met. After he asked questions about the accident and my injuries, he explained everything, he said that he would take it from there, and my job was to heal and get better, and not to worry about the bills. He understood how I was emotionally distraught, physically injured, and suffering economically from this accident. Dave and his staff were always quick to answer any questions we had throughout the process. After I was done treating, Dave called me to let me know that he convinced the insurance company to pay me their policy limits! It was an unbelievably large sum of money. I never expected to receive that much, cannot cannot say enough about what a great job he did, and so quickly as well. I so greatly appreciate everything he did for me, and I highly recommend him if you’re injured in any kind of accident.

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