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Proving Pain and Suffering and Emotional Distress

Personal injury lawsuits exist to put injured victims in the place they would be had the accident never occurred. For this reason, our clients can receive damages in the form of reimbursement of medical expenses and replacement of lost wages. However, personal injury victims can also receive compensation for less tangible injuries like pain and suffering or emotional distress. To maximize the amount available, follow these tips below.

Fully Document Your Injuries

Pain and suffering damages reimburse victims for the physical pain that accompanies a bodily injury. You can help document your injuries by going to a doctor and following up regularly. Make sure to tell your doctor where you are feeling pain and its intensity.

You can also receive compensation for the emotional distress or mental anguish that accompanies a bodily injury. If you are also feeling depressed, angry, or anxious, ask for a referral to a mental health professional. You can introduce medical records to prove how severe your emotional distress has been.

Hang onto Prescription Drugs

You might take drugs to treat physical pain, emotional distress, and sleeplessness. If possible, hang onto the bottles your pills come in. Pulling out a clear plastic bag containing all of your prescription drug bottles can be very dramatic and hammer home just how much distress you have been feeling.

Keep a Journal

You can document the pain and emotional anguish you feel by keeping a detailed diary. Each day, record where you are feeling pain and how intense it is. Also, note how the pain is interfering with your life. For example, you might not be able to sleep more than a couple hours at night. Remember to be as detailed as possible, but do not exaggerate.

In your journal, you can also record how your injuries affect your mental health and enjoyment of life. For example, you might not be able to play golf or go on long walks with your spouse. These details make your emotional injuries vivid and concrete.

Ask Family and Friends to Testify

People who know you can also testify at trial as to how your injuries are affecting you. Some juries find this evidence persuasive because it provides a different perspective on how you have changed. You might not be fully aware of how much your mood and outlook on life has changed in the months since the accident.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney in Rockford, Illinois

Pain and suffering damages often make up the bulk of a personal injury settlement or jury verdict. Typically, juries take your economic losses (like medical bills and lost wages) and multiply these amounts by one to three to arrive at an award for pain and suffering.

Although each case is different, you can maximize the amount you receive by meeting promptly with a personal injury lawyers in Rockford. Brassfield & Krueger has helped countless clients receive fair compensation for their injuries, and we are anxious to help you, too. Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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