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Cyclist Killed in Car and Bicycle Crash in Oak Brook

During the first week of November 2015, an Illinois resident was struck and killed by a  car as he rode his bicycle in Oak Brook, according to a Elmhurst Patch report. The fatal crash occurred on Route 83 and 16th Street in the late afternoon hours. The victim, who was from Lombard and in his 40s, was found on the roadway by Oak Brook police with traumatic injuries. Witness accounts state the cyclist ran a red light just prior to entering the intersection. The driver of the car, a middle-aged man from Westmont, was not injured. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your legal options.

Personal Injury Accidents – Bicycles

Just like other personal injury cases, bicycle accident injuries can vary. Victims may suffer from minor bumps and bruises or can tragically die as a result of the impact. There are several common reasons why bicycle accident injuries occur. These include:

  • The cyclist being hit or run over by a vehicle;
  • Being run off the road by a vehicle; or
  • Being hit by a door.

Under Illinois law, all drivers have a legal duty to keep a lookout for cyclists (in addition to other vehicles) that are on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 600 cyclists die each year in car-related accidents. The injuries are almost 1,000 times higher – approximately 52,000 according to NHTSA studies. Sadly, children are often the most common victims of bicycle accidents, sometimes requiring a lifetime of both medical rehabilitation and financial care. Generally, cyclists are injured as a result of a driver’s negligence, such as distracted or drunk driving.

Bicyclist Safety Laws

Many cities have enacted laws to protect cyclists. Specifically, Chicago has passed numerous laws specific to bicyclist safety and imposes fines on motorists who do not obey the law. These include, but are not limited to, requiring motorists to:

  • Exercise due care to avoid crashing with any bicyclist on the roadway;
  • Pass bicycles with at least three feet of clearance;
  • Yield to bicyclists turning left; and
  • Yield to bicyclists when turning right.

The law also prohibits motorists from parking, standing, or driving a vehicle in a bicycle lane. According to state law, bicycles are considered vehicles. For this reason, cyclists must follow the same traffic laws as passenger cars. Not unlike other cities across the nation, most roads in Illinois were designed with traffic from cars, and not bicycles, in mind. Because of this, bicyclists are commonly the most vulnerable individuals on the roadway. Notwithstanding, monetary damages a victim of a bicycle accident may be awarded if successful in a personal injury lawsuit include the cost of medical expenses, lost past and future wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

How an Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you have suffered an injury from, or someone you know has been killed in, a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of a driver of a passenger car or any other vehicle, you should contact a seasoned Rockford personal injury attorney today. The legal professionals at Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd. will assist you in making an informed decision about your legal options and can provide a team dedicated to your case. Complete their online form or call (815) 315-9845 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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