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Common Causes of Illinois Car Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents occur all over Illinois every day. Even the safest drivers cannot prevent every single accident. While some accidents are minor, others involve severe injuries and significant property damage. Understanding what the leading causes of accidents are can help you avoid a possible collision. If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you need an experienced Illinois car accident attorney on your side.

Distracted Driving

It probably comes as no surprise that distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents all across the country. Many people think distracted driving is just texting and driving. However, any activity that causes a driver to lose focus results in distracted driving. That could be changing the radio station, looking at the GPS, eating, putting on makeup, or talking to someone else in the vehicle.

Traffic Violations

Violating a traffic law or regulation is also a primary reason for accidents on our Illinois streets and highways. It could be anything from speeding to running a red light. When drivers fail to obey traffic laws and posted speed limits, it can have catastrophic results.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Getting behind the wheel after having a drink is never a good idea. Even one beer or cocktail can lower your reaction time. Driving under the influence is not just about alcohol, though. It also includes prescription or illegal drugs. If you are driving while on a prescribed medication that says do not operate a motor vehicle, you could be arrested for a DUI.


When you see a vehicle drifting between lanes, many people might automatically assume that the driver is intoxicated. However, they could also be falling asleep at the wheel. Driving while fatigued or sleepy is a significant cause of auto accidents. This is especially a problem with large trucks. 18-wheeler trucks hauling cargo usually get paid by the load. Despite federal laws that limit the amount of time a driver can be behind the wheel, some truck drivers push the limits and keep going. That can result in catastrophic accidents involving multiple vehicles and fatalities.

Road Hazard or Weather

Sometimes, Mother Nature or a hazard in the road can also contribute to car accidents. If the weather suddenly turns on you, other drivers could have difficulty seeing or controlling their vehicles. That is why drivers should always drive a speed that is safe for current road conditions.

Road hazards can also be a major factor in car accidents. This is especially true in more rural areas where wild animals call home. Wild animals, potholes, fallen debris, etc., can all cause a driver to swerve suddenly and cause a collision.

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