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The city of Woodstock, Illinois, is a great place to own a dog. Indeed, the area is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty and outdoor trails that Fido loves, as well as a plethora of parks within city limits.

While owning a dog may have myriad benefits, when dogs aren’t properly restrained or trained, or when they feel threatened, they may lash out. In fact, there are millions of dog bites reported every year in the United States, some of which can be very serious or even life-threatening.

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Injuries from Dog Bites

A dog attack can cause serious physical and psychological injuries. These injuries include:

  • Scarring and disfigurement. Dog bites can leave terrible scars on a victim, some of which may be on a victim’s face. The victim may require plastic or reconstructive surgery.
  • Broken bones. A dog’s jaw can be strong enough to break a victim’s bones, requiring intensive medical treatment to correct.
  • External and internal injuries. When a dog attacks, the person may fall down, putting them at risk for a number of external and internal injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, fractured rib, and more. They may suffer serious lacerations to the skin, which cause excessive bleeding, and increase the risk for infection.
  • Psychological injuries. It is very common for a person who is attacked by a dog, especially a child, to develop a severe phobia of dogs for the remainder of their life. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety may develop as well.

No Need to Prove Negligence in an Illinois Dog Bite Claim

Unlike the majority of other civil actions in Illinois that are negligence-based, a person who is bitten by a dog can hold the owner of the dog strictly liable for damages so long as they can prove that they were not provoking the dog in question at the time that they were attacked, that they were acting peaceably at the time of attack, and that when they were attacked, they were lawfully upon the property (i.e. they were not trespassing).

Dog bite victims do not have to prove that the dog owner knew that the dog was dangerous, nor must the dog be registered as a dangerous dog in order for the owner to be held liable. However, it is possible to bring forth a negligence based claim if you so choose.

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