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Rockford Personal Injury Lawyers

Auto accidents happen every day in Rockford. While some of these are minor fender benders, others cause severe injuries that accident victims never recover from. Auto accidents also involve more than just passenger vehicles. Truck accidents and motorcycle accidents are also common in the city, and these crashes are very different from collisions between cars. If you have been hurt in an accident, our Rockford personal injury lawyers can help you claim the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Car Accidents in Rockford

Car accidents form the basis of many personal injury claims in Rockford. Illinois is a tort auto insurance state, which means that when you are involved in a crash, you must file a claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. No one should speak to an insurance company on their own. Insurers are notorious for taking the words of accident victims out of context and using them to deny claims. They also use other tactics to reduce or deny claims. A Rockford personal injury lawyer will know the strategies insurers use and will not let them get away with them so you recover the full compensation you need.

Truck Accidents in Rockford

Car accident claims have the potential to become complex, but truck accident claims are always much more complicated. The trucking industry is governed by many state and federal laws, such as the federal hours of service rule. Determining liability in truck accidents is also much more difficult than in car accident claims, as is obtaining evidence. Immediately following a truck accident, the trucking company or insurer will conduct an investigation to determine liability and they may even use that time to hide evidence. Trucking companies are also very reluctant to provide necessary evidence, such as maintenance and inspection logs, that can help prove an accident victim’s claim.

While a Rockford personal injury lawyer is always a valuable resource after any accident, this is even more true after a truck accident. A lawyer will subpoena the necessary records, conduct an investigation, and take all necessary steps to prove your claim.

Motorcycle Accidents in Rockford

Like truck accidents, motorcycle accidents are also different from other auto accidents. Motorcyclists have very little protection when they are on the road because they are not surrounded by a steel frame and they do not have safety features such as airbags and seatbelts. Without this type of protection, motorcyclists are at a much greater risk for sustaining a serious injury when they are in a crash. 

Insurance companies and juries also often have strong biases against motorcyclists, which must be disproven before a motorcycle accident victim can claim the compensation they need. A Rockford personal injury lawyer will know how to overcome these biases so you recover the maximum damages you need.

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