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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Rockford

There were nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents in 2018, and many of them happened right here in Rockford. Those crashes were fatal for 118 people, and almost 2,000 more were seriously injured. Clearly, motorcyclists face many hazards when they are on the road, and they are in real danger. 

Although many people assume these accidents are caused by reckless bikers, that is not usually the case. Instead, negligent drivers are to blame for most of the motorcycle accidents in the state. If you have been hurt while on your bike, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Rockford can help you claim the full damages you need.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents:

Any time a person acts carelessly behind the wheel, it can result in a motorcycle accident. Some of the most common forms of negligence that cause these crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Illegal turns
  • Dangerous lane changes
  • Driver fatigue
  • Failure to check blind spots

It is not always easy to prove the cause of the accident, as injured individuals do not always know what happened. For example, it can be difficult for bikers to know how to prove a driver was on the phone at the time of the crash. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Rockford will know how to prove your case.

Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Due to the fact that all auto accidents occur on the roads, it is natural to assume that motorcycle accidents are the same as car crashes. However, this is not true. Crashes involving motorcycles are different from other accidents that occur. The main differences between these two types of collisions include:

  • Bikers do not have as much protection: Motorcyclists have much less protection than other motorists. They do not have a steel frame protecting them, and their protective gear often only consists of a helmet. Due to this, motorcyclists will sustain the worst injuries in a crash and many times, these injuries are life-changing.
  • Motorcycles are small: Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles and trucks that are on the road. They are also much less stable than other vehicles, as they only have two wheels. When they are struck, both the bike and the biker will likely fall to the ground.
  • Contributory negligence: It is not uncommon for other motorists to try and shift blame to accident victims after a motorcycle accident. They take advantage of the misconceptions of the jury and insurance companies, or they may argue that the biker was not wearing a helmet. As long as you were legally not wearing a helmet, that fact cannot be used against you.

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