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If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured, you are in a precarious position. While you are focusing on the important work of recovering your health and well-being, you probably have little idea about how to obtain the full compensation necessary to cover your losses. The fact is that the insurance company will be motivated by profits, which often means minimizing settlements in whatever way possible. If you’ve been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault – whether it was a traffic accident, a slip and fall accident, or any other kind of accident – you need an experienced La Salle Injury lawyer on your side.

Common Personal Injury Damages

After an accidental injury, your losses can add up quickly, and these can include:

  • Medical Expenses – The medical expenses associated with a serious injury often involve emergency care at the scene of the accident and emergency transportation from the scene of the accident; surgery and surgical aftercare; treatment from doctors, specialists, and therapists; prescription medications, adaptive physical devices, adaptations to your home, home health care, and more. Further, physical injuries can evolve into health issues that reverberate into your future, and that require ongoing medical care and treatment.
  • Lost Hours and Wages at Work – A serious injury is likely to keep you out of work for a considerable amount of time, which translates to lost wages. Additionally, such an injury can diminish your earning potential and can even derail your intended career path. This can lead to a significant amount of lost earnings over the course of your lifetime.
  • Pain and Suffering – The pain and suffering associated with a serious accident should never be discounted. First, you had to endure the trauma of the accident itself, and now you have to work extremely hard to attempt to regain your physical health. A serious injury can stop you from engaging as fully in life as you once did and can make participating in the activities you love the most much more difficult – or even impossible. 

The damages associated with a serious accident and injury are often difficult to overstate.

Proving Negligence

Traffic accidents are often caused by driver negligence, which can include distraction, impairment, aggression, fatigue, and/or speed. Further, many injuries caused by products happen because of manufacturer negligence that results in defects and malfunctions. Finally, slip and fall accidents in stores, restaurants, and other businesses are generally the result of inadequate upkeep of the grounds and public walkways, of inadequate maintenance, of inadequate warning systems, and/or of inattention to other necessary safety precautions. An attorney can gather evidence to prove the type of negligence that occurred in your case.

You Need an Experienced La Salle Injury Lawyer on Your Side

Being injured as a result of someone else’s negligence puts you in a difficult situation, but the dedicated legal team at Brassfield & Krueger, LTD in La Salle, Illinois, is committed to helping you obtain the compensation you need to reach your fullest recovery. Your case is important to us, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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