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Dog Bites Lawyers La Salle

If someone loses control of their dog and the dog bites you, drawing blood, you are going to end up in the hospital. That means medical expenses, antibiotics, and potentially lost time from work. Should you be expected to absorb the expenses related to this incident? No. It is the dog owner’s fault, and the dog owner is liable if their dog causes an injury.

The La Salle dog bite lawyers at Brassfield & Krueger have helped dozens of dog bite victims recover damages related to their injuries. The following are the basics of dog bite lawsuits and the recovery of damages related to dog bite injuries.


What is Illinois’ Law for Dog Bite Lawsuits?

Illinois is a strict liability state. That means that a victim does not need to prove negligence to establish that the dog owner is liable. Other states work on a one-bite rule. The dog owner is liable after a dog bites one person. In Illinois, a plaintiff need only establish that they were bitten by the defendant’s dog. The defendant can claim that the plaintiff provoked the dog or the plaintiff was trespassing, but beyond that, they have no defense. 


Illinois’ Dog Bite Law Applies to More Than Just Dog Bites

Any injury caused by an animal is covered under the Illinois Animal Control Act. That means if a large dog jumps up to greet someone and pushes them down, the owner can be held liable under the same statute. The law also applies to more than just dogs. So, if your guinea pig nips off somebody’s finger, you can be sued. 

In other cases, a dog owner may not be liable for an attack if the dog was in the care of another person. For instance, if you leave your dog at a kennel while you are on vacation, and the dog injures someone, it is possible to hold the kennel liable for the attack. 


Scope of Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bite lawsuits generally do not make headlines unless the injuries are catastrophic or a famous person’s dog bites someone. However, the majority of dog bite lawsuits are not catastrophic. While being survivable, you will need medical care to ensure the wound does not get infected. You may need stitches. In some cases, you may miss time from work. Your pain and suffering and post-traumatic symptoms need to be compensated, too. These are all potential damages you can recover in a dog bite lawsuit.


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Dog attacks are sometimes fatal or result in life-altering injuries. Owners are expected to ensure that their dogs are trained and under control. When they fail, you can sue them to recover damages related to your injuries. Brassfield & Krueger can help you get a fair settlement.

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