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According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than four million dog bites take place in the United States on an annual basis. The dog bites result in a wide variety of different injuries. Though, no matter how seemingly minor, all dog bite injuries are serious. Indeed, minor bites quickly turn into very scary infections. The CDC reports that approximately 20 percent of all dog bites become infected, with some infections becoming truly devastating. Infection is the single most common reason why dog bite victims end up in the emergency room. If you sustained dog-related injuries, you need to get yourself professional medical help and professional legal help. Please do not delay in contacting a nearby dog bite lawyer who can help to protect your legal rights and financial interests.

Illinois Dog Bite Law: Strict Liability

Dog bite claims are governed by the Illinois Animal Control Act. Under this statute, dog owners are held ‘strictly liability’ for the actions of their animal. In other words, common legal issues such as ‘fault’ and ‘negligence’ are not generally at stake in the majority of dog bite cases. Dog owners are liable for their animal, regardless of whether or not they did anything ‘unreasonable’ or ‘wrong’. This is because dogs have been deemed an inherent public safety hazard. As a result, pet owners have an affirmative obligation to protect innocent people from their animal. If a victim can prove that they were injured by a dog (whether by a bite, or simply by jumping), then the victim can hold the dog owner liable, unless the dog owner has a valid legal defense.

Dog Owner Defenses to Legal Claims

While dog owners are subject to strict liability, they do have two legal defenses available that can be used to ‘block’ a finding of liability. These two defenses are:

  • Provocation; and
  • Trespassing.

If a victim provoked a dog or was unlawfully on someone’s property at the time of the attack, the dog owner may not be liable. In all too many cases, the big insurance companies will raise allegations of ‘provocation’ in order to pressure the victim to settle their case for less than its true value. This is why it is so important that victims are represented by an experienced dog bite lawyer. You need a lawyer who understands these defenses and knows how they will apply to your claim.

Were You Injured By a Dog in Illinois?

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