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According to data provided by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), approximately ten percent of all nursing home residents report that they have been subjected to some form of serious abuse or neglect. Even more alarming, the NCEA cautions that the true figure may be much higher, as elder abuse is chronically underreported.

Any form of elder abuse or neglect is completely unacceptable. Nursing homes and assisted living centers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of all of their residents. At Brassfield & Krueger, LTD., our experienced Belvidere nursing home abuse lawyers fight aggressively to hold negligent assisted living facilities legally liable for their misconduct.

Watch for the Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

In many cases, nursing home abuse and neglect can be difficult to spot. In fact, often many of the warning signs of abuse are consistent with the signs of other underlying medical problems. Further, elderly and vulnerable nursing home patients are not always able to accurately relay information to their family members. As such, you need to keep a close eye out for any of the signs of abuse. If you see any type of problem, be sure to follow up on the issue. Some specific things that you should watch for include the following:

  • Unexplained bruising or lacerations;
  • Dirty clothing or bed sheets;
  • Symptoms of poor hygiene;
  • Malnourishment or dehydration;
  • Sudden changes in your family member’s mood or behavior;
  • Problems with the staff; and
  • Any other feeling you have that something is wrong.

Do You Suspect a Problem? Take Action Now

When it comes to protecting your vulnerable loved one, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you see any signs of abuse or neglect, it is time to take action. First and foremost, you should consider raising the issue directly with the management of the facility. If the problem is relatively small, you may be able to have the staff address the problem directly. However, if at any time you worry that your family member’s safety is in jeopardy, you need to contact Illinois Adult Protective Services. This state agency will have the resources to help you take immediate, emergency action. From there, you should then call a qualified attorney. Your nursing home abuse attorney will be able to review the specific circumstances of your case and help you determine what needs to be done to hold the negligent facility legally responsible for their bad actions.  

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At Brassfield & Krueger, LTD., our compassionate Belvidere nursing home abuse attorneys have helped to protect the rights of many elderly and vulnerable adults. If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect, please contact us today at (815) 398-9700 to set up a free evaluation of your legal claim.

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