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Do You Need an Attorney to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

There are no laws that require you to hire an attorney when pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, but it can certainly help your case. An experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can help minimize delays and help you get better results. If your benefits are denied, and you need to file an…

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Eye Injuries Due to Chemical Burns: What You Need to Know

According to the American Institutional Medical Academy, more than 25,000 chemicals exist that have the potential to cause devastating and irreparable damage to the eye. A good majority of those chemicals have been classified as oxidizing or reducing agents, bases or acids, or corrosives. Acids and bases are the agents…

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Workers’ Compensation: Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer

The process of recovering medical expenses and lost wages are supposed to be relatively straightforward. That being said, Illinois has some of the highest costs related to workers’ compensation insurance in the country. This has caused many to wonder what Illinois is doing differently than other states. It also makes…

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