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Why More Trucking Accidents Happen During the Holidays

The holiday season, with its festivities and family get-togethers, is a time of merriment and cheer. Unfortunately, this time of the year is also associated with a notable increase in trucking accidents on the roadways. At Brassfield & Krueger, LTD, we're here to help you explore the reasons behind this…

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What to Do If You’ve Been in a Semi Truck Crash

Being in an accident involving a commercial truck can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You may be left feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps to take. Knowing what to do after a semi-truck accident is key to ensuring that you get the compensation you need for medical bills,…

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Who May Be Held Liable for a Truck Accident in Illinois?

Truck accidents are life-changing incidents, leading to disabilities and long-term injuries, emotional scars and high financial costs. Calculating the degree of harm and determining liability in an accident can be challenging since there are several factors at play. Knowing who is at fault is tricky, especially when there may be…

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