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Category: Truck Accidents

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What to Know About Large Truck Accidents in Illinois
It is understandable that you may have a fear of being struck by a semi-truck while driving. It does not help that movies and television shows feed on people’s fears by showing horrific accidents involving large trucks. The truth is, a majority of the large trucks on the road are being operated by responsible and ...
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Published August 6, 2019
What Injuries Constitute Disfigurement?
Some personal injury accidents result in such severe injuries that they are categorized as catastrophic. One such type of injury is any that result in disfigurement. The courts treat cases involving disfigurement much more delicately than other types of personal injury cases and, if the plaintiff can prove liability, ...
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What Are Some of the Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?
What Are Some of the Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents? All over the streets and roads of Rockford, IL there are hundreds of large trucks no matter where you travel. These trucks are an important part of business and of life in general as they deliver practically everything we need as consumers to the places we ...
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Published November 17, 2015
Posted in Truck Accidents

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