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Compensation You May Recover for Truck Accident Injuries

If you’re hurt in a truck accident, there may be significant implications for various aspects of your life. Considering the size of trucks compared to passenger vehicles, you may experience severe trauma and sustain brain or spinal cord injuries; permanent disabilities are also common. Even after the immediate or urgent…

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The Five Types of Impaired Driving

Governments, insurance companies, hospitals, and other entities are under increasing pressure to eliminate the “car accident” phrase and replace it with “car crash.” After all, advocates point out, trains wreck, ships sink, and airplanes crash. So, it makes no sense for cars to have accidents. Furthermore, these people contend, “accident”…

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What Can Cause a Semi Truck to Jackknife?

Semi-truck accidents occur when the trailer of the truck swings around to either side, ending so it is perpendicular with the truck’s trailer. Jackknifing typically occurs because the trailer is traveling at a faster speed than the cab of the truck. This pushes the trailer forward, causing the trailer to…

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