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How Long Does a Car Accident Case Take?

Car accidents result in serious injuries to victims that are extremely painful and costly to treat. During this time, many injured individuals cannot return to work and earn an income to cover those additional costs. Unfortunately, car accident claims take time, and it is natural to wonder just how long…

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When Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

The seriousness of car accidents ranges from minor fender benders in parking lots to severe accidents that leave victims with catastrophic injuries for years to come. In some instances, it may be obvious that you need a car accident lawyer, but there are other times when the signs are much…

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Do You Need an Attorney to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

There are no laws that require you to hire an attorney when pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, but it can certainly help your case. An experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can help minimize delays and help you get better results. If your benefits are denied, and you need to file an…

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