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Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse

During the holiday season, many of us make an extra-special effort to visit our older loved ones. Those confined to nursing facilities, even temporarily, often require the support of their family and friends. Sadly, not all nursing homes provide even a minimally competent standard of care. Some allow abuse to…

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What Injuries Constitute Disfigurement?

Some personal injury accidents result in such severe injuries that they are categorized as catastrophic. One such type of injury is any that result in disfigurement. The courts treat cases involving disfigurement much more delicately than other types of personal injury cases and, if the plaintiff can prove liability, will…

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Understanding the Nursing Home Abuse Claims Process

Most families that choose to send their elderly loved ones to nursing homes do not do so lightly. Typically, a nursing home is a last resort, and individuals go there because they require extensive medical care and round-the-clock attention that is just not available at home or with family. So,…

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