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Is Walmart Responsible in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Walmart gets sued a lot. Most of these lawsuits are premises liability claims that allege that a dangerous condition in the store caused an individual to slip and fall. The question then becomes: When is Walmart liable and when are they not? Must of this question boils down to the…

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Dog Bites Become Increasingly Common Liability Issue

The Insurance Business Magazine recently published an article concerning the rising cost of dog bites in liability cases. Are dogs becoming more vigilant in their protection of American homes? Is there something in the airwaves or the water that is causing them to become more aggressive? Each year, there are…

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Autonomous Vehicles and Traffic Liability Lawsuits

They may be the wave of the future, but their presence is off to a shaky start. Autonomous vehicles are slowly being introduced onto American highways, and though there is no running count on how many times they have been successful, they have accounted for at least two deaths. Additionally,…

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