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Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases in Rockford, IL

Experienced attorneys advocating for motorcycle accident victims for more than 75 years

When a car collides with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist often pays the heftier price –regardless of the speeds at which either vehicle was traveling. At Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd., we represent motorcyclists who have suffered from road rash, spinal cord injuries, and brain damage caused by an accident with a potentially negligent party. Whether a driver didn’t take proper precautions when turning into your lane or a stretch of road was full of potholes and stray debris, our attorneys leave no stone unturned when optimizing your claim. From strategic negotiation to staunch litigation, our firm continues a long tradition of providing motorcycle accident victims with the strong legal counsel they deserve.

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With more than seven decades of experience, our Rockford firm knows motorcycle cases. Illinois is a modified comparative negligence state, which means that if you’re found to be more than 50 percent at fault in an accident, you cannot recover damages. Evidence needs to be preserved as soon as possible so that blame for the accident lies with the other driver – not the biker.

What kinds of damages can you collect in a motorcycle accident?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to understand that insurance companies will not pay you anything until the case is completely resolved. As a hardworking accident law firm, we work with you to prevent a hasty settlement for less than your case is worth.

No matter how complex your case is our Rockford personal injury attorneys never back down when seeking full compensation for the following kinds of damages:

  • Physical damages, including physical impairment, disfigurement, pain and suffering, wrongful death, rehabilitation, therapy and equipment to accommodate disabilities
  • Financial damages, including lost income, future lost income, lost earning capacity, existing medical bills, future medical expenses and loss of consortium
  • Emotional damages, including loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and psychological trauma

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys with Brassfield & Krueger, Ltd. can help you earn a settlement that fully compensates you for your pain and suffering. Call us at 815.398.9700 or contact us online for your free consultation. We are happy to serve you from our Rockford or Streator office.

What should I do if I'm involved in a motorcycle accident?

The first thing you should do after any kind of accident is to seek medical attention. Even if you don’t think you need to, it is important to establish whether you are injured. Your next step is to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you determine fault and seek compensation from the appropriate parties.

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Do I have to tell the police if I'm involved in a motorcycle accident?

If your motorcycle accident involves serious damage, injury, or death, you must tell the police. It is also a good idea to call law enforcement if you want to pursue compensation from another party. The police report could support and benefit your claim.

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Do I have to wear a helmet according to Illinois law?

Illinois is one of only three states that do not have any helmet laws. Despite this fact, it is advisable to always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. If you do get into an accident, the helmet could save your life and prevent serious brain injury.

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What does "comparative negligence" mean when determining who is liable for a traffic accident?

The Illinois standard of comparative negligence means that more than one party could be found at fault. If you are pursuing a claim, your possible compensation will be measured based on your contribution to the cause of the accident. For example, if you are found to be 10 percent at fault, your potential damage reward will be lowered by 10 percent. You may only recover damages if you are less than 50 percent at fault.

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If I get into a motorcycle accident, should I hire a lawyer to help me?

Yes. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can determine who was at fault for your accident and if you should file a claim. Because of their knowledge of the law, your lawyer will be able to defend your right to compensation. The attorneys at our firm are prepared to help you through the legal process after your motorcycle accident.

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